63. Orka Technology Group

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Founders: Tom Pickersgill, James Doyle, Nick Groves
Founded: 2016
Website: www.broadstoneapp.com

Orka Technology Group was already making waves with its AI powered recruitment solution when it featured in the Startups Top 100 list last year (as Broadstone), and it’s only continued to develop that platform.

Founded by Tom Pickersgill, James Doyle, and Nick Groves in 2016, Orka aims to help workers find fair, flexible, temporary employment with large corporations – and it’s succeeding!

Orka uses artificial intelligence, data, and automations to connect organisations with a community of talented flexible workers. It works by downloading the Orka app, which lets workers create a profile and receive notifications about jobs with reputable organisations.

Orka operates within regulated industries, and its app reflects the needs that workers and employees face – its speedy background checks are a big part of getting work quickly and avoiding steep agency fees.

For workers, Orka offers security, structure, and opportunity – pay is instantly accessible upon completion of their shift, holiday is accrued, and PAYE contributions are taken care of.

A gamified element rewards professionalism and discourages no-shows, building value around workers’ merits rather than focussing purely on availability.

Orka has attracted five of the top 10 security companies in the UK as clients, and gained over 30,000 users in the UK looking for shift-based work in regulated sectors. The demand is obviously there, and Orka has the tools to step up and answer that call.

In fact, Orka’s plan to grow its global presence in 2020 has turned up a strong focus on the North American market, and has announced integrations with both Exitracker and TrackTik – a sure sign that Orka is serious about promoting fair working across the globe!

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