76. Learnerbly

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Founder: Rajeeb Dey
Founded: 2016
Website: www.learnerbly.com

Having appeared at position 81 last year, Learnerbly has climbed to 76 in 2020. Founded in 2016 by Rajeeb Dey, the business is on a mission to simplify workplace learning and empower employees in their own development.

Offering access to over 150 providers through a single, easy-to-use platform. By including coaches, courses, conferences, books and more in one package, Learnerbly ensures companies don’t waste money on unnecessary business-wide subscriptions which are under-used, instead giving employees a choice in how their learning and development budget is spent.

Learning and development is a £230bn industry, and Learnerbly is disrupting it. Boasting employee engagement rates of between 40% and 60% (compared to 10%-20% seen on competitor platforms), their tailored approach seems to be effective, with companies like Bulb, Revolut and GoCardless all using the system.

Modern businesses know that learning and development is important –  it not only helps employees be better at their jobs, but it gives them more confidence and fulfilment – it’s become a vital part of retaining existing staff and attracting new staff.

Whether you prefer to learn through podcasts, conferences or one-on-one courses, Learnerbly will have something that suits you; and in a time where self-development is more important than ever, increasing accessibility is sure to lead to top marks for this business.

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