95. Careology

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Founders: Paul Landau
Founded: 2018
Website: www.careology.health

Having worked in healthtech for 15 years, Careology founder Paul Landau was no stranger to finding innovative solutions to huge gaps in the health care sector.

When his wife was having treatment for cancer, Landau realised there was a space for technology that could help her to remember her pills, record how she was feeling, and connect her to a support network. Soon after, Careology was born.

Careology provides patient-first digital solutions. There’s the careology app – which is available through health insurance and healthcare agencies – and Careology Professional – a web platform for care agencies.

The app connects with wearable technologies, and assists with medication management, symptom tracking, and journal entries. The Careology Professional web platform enables clinicians and nurses to track patients’ conditions in real time.

In a sentence, both platforms empower those involved in cancer treatment to effectively manage the treatment plan. With better management and better communication, Landau believes all involved can benefit from more peace of mind, and the technology has been a big hit with leading private healthcare providers, insurance companies and charities.

With deployment due in 2020, we’re looking forward to seeing how much of an impact this new technology has on the lives of those going through cancer treatment, and on those providing the care.

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