Andrew Haigh

Executive Director, Client Propositions, Coutts & Co.

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Andrew Haigh has responsibility for developing and maintaining how Coutts is positioned for its key marketing segments both in the UK and internationally.  

For the past four years Haigh has led the Entrepreneurs Group, one of the largest business segments at Coutts, with strategic responsibility for development of its service offering to 20,000 entrepreneur clients in the UK including family businesses and building the bank’s involvement in social enterprise. Before his work with entrepreneurs, he spent two years in China providing support to the Bank of China in creating their own private bank.

Prior to Coutts, Haigh had a varied career with positions in investment banking, executive roles in the US and Europe and worked as the finance director of a group of businesses.

Haigh has a joint honours degree in French and Russian from Hull University and holds a diploma in Art History.  

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