People’s Champion finalist 2016: Housekeep

Founded by a former angel investor, this cleaning booking platform hopes to sweep up our People’s Champion Award. Does it get your vote?

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Start-up name: Housekeep
Avin Rabheru
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Business description: 
A booking platform for professional home cleaners

Shortlisted category:

Service Business of the Year

The Housekeep story:

Online cleaning service Housekeep was founded in January 2014 by Avin Rabheru, a former VC investor and active angel investor.

The cleaning business raised $1m in investment just three months after launch – a sign of things to come.

Quickly establishing itself as one of the leading online cleaner booking platforms in the UK, the start-up has now scaled to over 10,000 customers and 1,000 cleaners, delivering nearly 10,000 cleans every single month.

Not one to sit back and let all the cleaners have the fun, Rabheru even spent the first couple of months cleaning alongside the “housekeepers”, so he could fully understand how to improve the service.

Not just a great service for consumers, Housekeep also provides its housekeepers with a phone app (that provides “everything a cleaner requires”) and travel expenses – which it claims has saved cleaners a total of £260,000 in travel costs since launch.

Why Housekeep made our shortlist:

In just under three years, Housekeep has turned heads in the enterprise space with a growing customer base and acquisitive activity. Its vision to become the leading provider of services to the home appears in reach.

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