People’s Champion finalist 2016: Spacechips

The satellite and spaceship design consultancy is on a mission to conquer the final frontier, and needs your vote for People's Champion

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Start-up name: Spacechips
Founder: Dr Rajan Bedi
Started in: 2014
Based in: Hertfordshire
Business description: Space-electronics design consultancy services

Shortlisted category:

Export Business of the Year

The Spacechips story:

Spacechips offers space-electronics design consultancy services to manufacturers of satellites and spacecraft around the world. Whilst that might sound like enough for the fledgling start-up to be getting on with, that’s just one arm of the business…

Spacechips also provides global training courses in space electronics to help customers make better informed technology decisions – all its courses for 2017 are already sold out – and provides business strategy, product roadmap, technical marketing and space-market trend advice to suppliers of space-grade microchips.

Finally, it has invented a disruptive satellite-transponder product, which has the potential to develop satellites that are 25% lighter, 40% less power consuming, 20% less expensive and 40% smaller. The product is currently in testing stage before it reaches the market.

The man in control of the thrusters is founder Dr. Rajan Bedi. Formerly head of mixed-signal design group at Astrium Satellites for 12 years, it’s clear Bedi has the technical chops to guide this business to galactic heights.

Why Spacechips made our shortlist:

This is one start-up that clearly aiming for the stars. Offering a unique mix of design consultancy, space electronics training and pioneering products, Spacechips is on a mission to conquer the final frontier.

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