Tech Business of the Year 2015: What I want to see

Q & A with Tech Business of the Year sponsor Eleanor Bradley from Nominet

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Why are you looking forward to judging the 2015 Startups Awards?

It’s amazing that this year there will be more than 600,000 new business start-ups here in the UK. Finding ways to celebrate their success is incredibly important – and these awards do just that. As the guardians of the .UK domain registry we know that every new start-up begins with the registration of a new domain name for their business website so they can own and make their mark online. And we know that some of the start-ups of today will be the multi-million pound businesses of the future. We play a vital part in their early journey and so to be part of the Startups Awards is a real honour for Nominet, as it gives us the opportunity to meet some of these dynamic new business leaders, and to help celebrate some of the best new business ideas in the UK. It’s an exciting opportunity to see the variety and diversity of the entrants and I’m really looking forward to seeing who’s coming through this year.

What are you looking for from start-up businesses?

I want to celebrate start-ups that provide something new, ground breaking and of true value that benefits the wider community. I’m looking for fresh ideas and executions – from interesting ways of selling products and services we know, to real innovations and ideas that disrupt the status quo.

Nominet is best-known as the not-for-profit organisation responsible for the secure running of the .UK internet infrastructure, but we’re particularly keen to see any start-ups with the same passion as us in using cutting edge technology to build great solutions offered through the Internet of Things and Smart Cities, especially any with new approaches and solutions to issues we all face as we go about our day-to-day lives.

What is great about business in Britain?

Great Britain has such a huge entrepreneurial spirit and a great history of innovative successful global business ideas and here at Nominet we fully support entrepreneurs because we view them as change makers – people who take the risk to go it alone and turn their dream into a start-up, and their start-up into a sustainable and scalable operation. In fact, we are delighted to be working with Bianca Miller – The Apprentice runner up 2014 – as our Brand Ambassador for .UK. Bianca represents UK entrepreneurialism at its best – an ambitious and tenacious individual who enjoys being able to work with people to assist in their personal development. Bianca’s business, The Be Group, made it into the Startups 100 list of top businesses in 2013. So you never know – we may be lucky enough to work with start-ups from this year’s awards in the future!

Nominet is the internet registry services provider for all UK domain names including,, and .uk. Find out more here


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