5 best Dell laptops

You already know Dell make some great business laptops. But which is the best Dell laptop for you?

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If you’ve ever worked in an office, you’re probably already familiar with Dell laptops. But which are the best Dell laptops – for work and play?

Dell has always been the go-to laptop brand for businesses big and small thanks to its steady stream of well-built and well-priced laptops.

And now, with Dell’s MacBook-like XPS range and everyday Inspiron models starting from just £200, it’s a great choice for creatives, gamers and casual users alike.

As one of the most reliable and reasonably priced laptop manufacturers, Dell is now in our top five laptop brands. Whatever your budget, Dell has probably made a laptop for you.

So, which is the best Dell laptop series? What about the best Dell laptop for business and budgets? And where can you find the best Dell laptop deals today? Here we explain all.

Best Dell laptops: Need to know

In this comparison review of the best Dell laptops we cover:

01 | Which is the best Dell laptop series?
02 | Are Dell laptops reliable?
03 | Best Dell laptops

Which is the best Dell laptop series?

Of course, the best Dell laptop series for you depends on what you’re looking for – luckily, Dell pretty much has a laptop for everyone.

Go for the Latitude (business) range if you want all-day use and a machine that’ll last forever. Otherwise, Dell’s Inspiron laptops are affordable and great for everyday use.

At the upper end, you’ve got the top-spec XPS series (or the pricier Alienware is specifically for gamers), and students tend to like the cheap Chromebooks (all under £300).

Dell XPS – “Designed to be the best”

Dell’s flagship laptop range, the XPS series, is (in Dell’s own words) designed to be the best. With its premium feel and Apple-like build, the Dell XPS laptops really are show-stoppers.

And the star of the show? The top of the range XPS 13 (reviewed below) was made to compete with the big dogs in the computing world: the Apple MacBook Pros and Microsoft Surface Book.

You can get your hands on XPS models of 12, 13 and 15 inches, and you can boost your specs by paying a bit more.

Dell Inspiron – Best for everyday use

Dell created their Inspiron series for home or casual users. The Inspiron laptops range from 11 to 17 inches, and anything from the cheap and cheerful 3000 models to the ultra-high spec 7000s.

Dell has even launched some 2-in-1 Inspiron laptops which double as a tablet.

Dell Latitude – Best for business use and durability

Dell’s Latitude laptops and ultrabooks (smaller laptops that don’t compromise on battery) are designed for business use.

In this range, you’ll find laptops fit for office use, working on the go or in coffee shops. The Latitude range is known for its industry-leading battery life, slick design and super-secure build.

Dell Chromebook – Best for budgets and students

Dell doesn’t make so many Chromebooks these days, but you can still find the odd no-frills laptop for under £300 in this range.

Chromebooks are just like regular laptops, but rather than running Microsoft Windows or Apple MacOS, you’ll be on Google’s own ChromeOS.

ChromeOS is a more basic operating system (fine if you use Google Docs, less so if you’re into your Excel), but this freed up system can mean a faster laptop.

Are Dell laptops reliable?

Dell laptops are considered among the most reliable laptops around – it’s why they’re trusted all over the business world.

All Dell computers come with a 1 year warranty as standard, and Dell motherboards are some of the most durable (lasting over 10 years in most cases).

If you are one of the few unlucky ones, out-of-warranty repairs are straightforward (with parts readily available) and cheap compared with most other brands (with Apple, you’ll end up paying up to triple the price for the same specs).

Best Dell laptops

Best Dell laptop overall: Dell XPS 13

dell xps 13

★★★★ 20 customer user reviews on Amazon

CPU Intel Core i5-8250U | OS Windows 10 | Screen 13.2″ | Graphics Intel UHD Graphics 620 | Weight 1.2 kg | RAM 8GB | Storage 256GB SSD

PROS – Top-notch screen, super-fast i5 processor, Infinity Edge touch display, latest Type-C connectivity

CONS – Sound could be even stronger

A powerhouse of a laptop

With the latest i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB solid state drive, the Dell XPS 13 ultrabook will make even the most demanding tasks a walk in the park – and can even handle photo and video editing.

Premium build

The Dell XPS 13 was crafted to compete with the likes of the Apple MacBook Pro and the Microsoft Surface Book – and its high-spec body feels every bit as premium as it looks.

Impressive specs

Specs this good combine the reliability and performance of an Apple MacBook with the value for money you can expect from Dell. Alongside a great processor, screen and sound, you get some extra perks like a backlit keyboard, touchscreen and battery that lasts over 14 hours.

You can now get a Dell XPS 13 with a i7 processor, but it costs a few hundred more, and we don’t think there’s much in it.

RRP £1,399


Best Dell business laptop: Dell Latitude 5580

Dell Latitude 5580

★★★★★1 customer user review on Laptops Direct

CPU Intel Core i5-7300U | OS Windows 10 Pro | Screen 15.6″ | Graphics Intel UHD Graphics 620 | Weight 1.9 kg | RAM 8GB | Storage 256GB HDD

PROS – Powerful processor, great battery, decent size

CONS – Display could be sharper

It means business

The Dell Latitude 5580 is the perfect business companion: it’s fast, robust and has all the ports you might wish for (including a VGA port and SIM card slot).

The Windows Hello-compatible-face-recognition webcam gets great selfies, but also makes for a slick (and safer) sign-in.< strong>Epic battery, super power

If you’re keen to stay productive, the battery lasting over 11 hours should see you through your days, even if you like working on the go.With 8GB of RAM, plenty of storage space and Windows 10 Pro, you can blitz through even demanding tasks like video editing.

Big but not bulky

This is a sturdy, speedy machine that was made for busy offices and freelancers. At over 15 inches, it’s a great desktop replacement, but thanks to its light weight, it’s surprisingly unclunky.

RRP £855

Best Dell everyday laptop – Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1

Dell Inspiron 13 7000

★★★★56 customer user reviews on Currys

CPU Intel Core i5-8250U | OS Windows 10 | Screen 13.2″ | Graphics Intel UHD Graphics 620 | Weight 1.5 kg | RAM 8GB | Storage 256GB SSD

PROS – Speedy processor, nice display, slick touchpad, solid build

CONS – So-so sound, Dell Active Pen not included

Speedy and smooth

With a nifty i5 processor and plenty of RAM, this laptop will have you breezing through most daily tasks.

It’s a robust machine that also feels amazing to use, thanks to a thin build, comfortable keyboard and refreshingly smooth touchpad.

A pin-sharp screen

With a typical 300 nit brightness, the display on the Inspiron 13 7000 is really impressive. There’s hardly any pixelation in the 1920 x 1080 resolution display.And the super-thin bezel (near edge-to-edge display) means you get even more screen for your 13 inches.

All-you-can-eat ports

The Inspiron 13 7000 has all the ports you’re likely to need, including a USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-CTM port supporting DisplayPort and power delivery.

And for bumped-up security, you’ve got Windows hello facial recognition for password-free access.

RRP £1,199

The Dell Inspiron 13 7000 edition with the i5 processor is mostly out of stock online, but you can still pick one up at Currys or ebay for £799.

The i7 processor is that bit faster and as you’d expect, it costs a bit more too. You can find this upgrade at Very or Amazon Prime.

Best Dell 2-in-1 laptop: Dell Inspiron 15 5000

dell inspiron 15 5000★★★★72 customer user reviews on Amazon

CPU Intel Core i5-8250U | OS Windows 10 | Screen 15.5″ | Graphics Intel UHD Graphics 620 | Weight 2.0 kg | RAM 8GB | Storage 1000GB HHD

PROS – Ultra-fast Intel processor, quality AMD graphics, decent build

CONS – Sound could be sharper, average screen resolution

Super-speedy processor

The boosted bandwidth and generous 8GB of RAM lets you run a million programmes at once without cracking. And the SmartByte technology lets you stream games and films nice and smoothly.

Eye-friendly, matte screen

The screen is bright, Full HD and anti-glare, so you can enjoy using it reflection-free, which is great for when you’re outdoors or in a well-lit office.

Some nice perks

Alongside the turbo-charged processor, you can save time every time you log in (and keep your laptop safe) with the fingerprint scanner.

And the Waves MaxxAudio Pro is designed for more immersive listening, whether that’s for some office music or downtime with films.

RRP £700

Best cheap Dell laptop: Dell Chromebook 11 (3180)

dell chromebook 11★★★★★2 customer user reviews on Amazon

CPU Intel Celeron N3060 1.6GHz | OS ChromeOS | Screen 11.6″ | Graphics Intel HD Graphics 400 | Weight 1.2 kg | RAM 4GB | Storage 16GB eMMC

PROS – Light and ultraportable, 2-in-1 flexibility, all-day battery, Drop Protection, fast Chromebook, great price

CONS – Screen could be sharper, click pad can be fiddly

Ultra-portable and ultra-flexible

Most laptops under £200 weigh a tonne, but at just 1.2 kg the Dell Chromebook 11 is ideal for travel. It’s also a convertible 2-in-1, meaning you can write from any angle (as a tent, tablet or laptop) and more easily collaborate with others.

Tough as nails

This Dell Chromebook 11 is cheap, but incredibly robust. With a Gorilla Glass screen (for 10x scratch resistance), spill-resistant keyboard, and Drop Protection, this laptop was built to last.

Great specs

Alongside the wealth of Google apps (and option to add a Microsoft Office pack), the Chromebook 11 dual core processor is extra fast and has a non-stop battery (at least 10 hours).

It also comes with everything you need for a great laptop experience: bluetooth, webcam, a combo headphone jack, Dell Activity Light and a USD card reader.

RRP £229

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