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Providing some of the best choice on the market, Brother printers are an excellent choice for your business.

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Beginning in 1908 as a Japanese sewing company, Brother has come a long way in becoming one of the world’s largest electronics companies.

Their first European outfit arrived in Dublin in 1955, before establishing their UK headquarters in Manchester, 1968.

Brother acquired Jones Sewing Machine company at this time – finally allowing the sewing machine brand to firmly establish itself, and giving Brother a key foot holding in the UK.

1971 saw Brother produce the world’s first high speed dot-matrix printer, however, inspiring them to move into the office technology space that many will associate them with now.

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Brother printers

Brother offer a huge range of printers, scanners and label printers, all designed to suit the various needs of a business.

With a focus on reliable and high quality printing for various environments and users, Brother’s printers are specifically made to suit certain industry sectors – for example leisure, education, retail and healthcare.

The page will guide you through the various printer types that Brother offers, and some of our favourite models for each type.

Click one of the printer types below to find out more information.

Brother colour laser printers

Laser printers are an excellent choice for many businesses because of their lower running costs and excellent print quality.

An ‘office workhorse’, laser printing is benefical to your business in 3 key ways:

    • Cost effectiveness: Laserjet printers have a higher upfront cost than inkjet printers but are usually cheaper to run in the long term
    • Perfect sharp black text: This is due to the way in which a laser printer prints – the toner is lay onto the page and is not wet, meaning no smudging, but instead crisp documents with sharp edges
    • Printing speed: As laser printers operate digitally, they are consistently quick, irrespective of what you print
    • Excel at heavy loads:

With their fast printing speed, laser printers are much better at higher volume printing

Brother’s laser printers can help ensure your business remains efficient and cost effective. There is the option, should your business require it, to purchase a multiple function laser colour printer.

This will enable you to print, scan and copy, as well as fax, should you require it. Obviously, these additions will be reflected in the price, so ensure that what you purchase matches your exact needs.

HL-L9310CDW Business Level Wireless Colour Printer

HL-L9310CDW printer image
Brother’s HL-L9310CDW is an excellent choice for any business looking to print a variety of documents using both colour and mono (black) toner.

The printer comes with excellent print speeds, meaning your office printing will not hold you back in your everyday role, so you can focus your time on what your business needs.

Where the printer shines though, is its high quality colour printing, with a max resolution of 2400 x 600 dots per inch (dpi) – giving your printing a high quality, crisp and detailed finish.

Combining this printers high printing speeds with its excellent printing quality makes the HL-L9310CDW an excellent workhouse for all of your office printing requirements.

  • Colour/mono? – Colour and mono
  • Print speed – Up to 31 ppm for both colour and mono
  • Print resolution – 2400 x 600 & 600 x 600 dpi
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi, ethernet, network
  • Capacity – 150+ 250 + 50 sheet input trays
  • Monthly duty cycle – 6,000 per month
  • Size in cm (W x H x L) – 441mm (W) x 486mm (D) x 313mm (H)
  • Weight – 22.2kg

Brother mono laser printer

For businesses that require a large amount of black printing, for example contracts and various other word documents, investing in a simple mono printer is an excellent idea.

Cheaper than colour printers, and often faster, a good mono laser printer can really make the difference when it comes to productivity in the office, especially alongside all of the benefits of a laser printer.

HL-L5200DW Workgroup Mono Laser Printer + Wifi

HL-L5200DW printer image
Winner of a Buyers Lab 2016 award for Small Workgroups, the HL-L5200DW has excellent print speeds of 40ppm to ensure it can keep up with even your heaviest workload.

With automatic duplex printing and variable paper handling, this printer will be able to cope with your day-to-day business needs.

In addition to this is the option of additional high-yield toner cartridges, meaning you will spend less time and money changing cartridges.

  • Colour/mono? – Mono
  • Print speed – Up to 40ppm
  • Print resolution – Up to 1,200 x1,200dpi
  • Connectivity – Wired network, wireless
  • Capacity – 250 sheet lower tray + 50 sheet multi purpose input tray
  • Monthly duty cycle – 3,500 per month
  • Size in cm (W x H x L) – 373mm (W) x 388mm (D) x 255mm (H)
  • Weight – 10.7kg

Brother inkjet printer

While laser printers are generally quicker and often cheaper in the long run, inkjet printers shine in plenty of alternative areas.

  • Printing images: Inkjet printers generally have much greater image replication than laser printers and are better at blending smooth colours
  • Lower startup cost: Inkjet printers as well as inkjet cartridges are generally cheaper up front than laser printers and toner
  • Faster warm-up time: Laser printers need to warm up a heating element in order to fuse the toner to the page. Inkjet printers do not require this functionality
  • Can print on a range of paper: Simple – laser printing only works well on laser paper, specifically treated for the purpose, whereas inkjet printers can print on most paper – for example glossy photo paper, fabrics, textured stationery
  • Less waste: Inkjet cartridges can be reused and refilled which means less waste and money spent

DCP-J785DW Wireless Compact Inkjet Printer

DCP-J785DW printer image
The DCP-J785DW has the ability to deliver on all of your business needs. While it will not print the fastest, this printer is very cost effective, with high capacity ink cartridges available and a duplex printing and ink save mode.

Easy wireless connectivity allows for simple device sharing, as well as WiFi direct – enabling you to print straight from your smartphone using Brother’s mobile app, Apple Airprint or Google Cloud Print.

This printer also offers a copy and scan functionality to really make sure that all of your needs are covered is a small and compact package.

  • Colour/mono? – Colour and mono
  • Print speed – Up to 27ppm mono + 23ppm colour
  • Print resolution – Up to 6,000 x 1,200dpi
  • Connectivity – Wireless, USB
  • Capacity – 100 sheet standard tray, 20 sheet photo tray, 20 sheet ADF
  • Monthly duty cycle – 1,800 per month
  • Size in cm (W x H x L) – 420mm (W) x 341mm (D) x 172mm (H)
  • Weight – 8.4kg

Multifunction printer

You may require a printer that can essentially do everything – scan, copy, fax, print in A3 and colour, all with a high print resolution and high printing speeds.

If this is the case, you might be more suited to a multifunction device that will enable your business to do several tasks at once, and be able to scale with you as you grow.

Brother’s range of printers for small and medium businesses covers all of these needs, usually with excellent functionality and value.

MFC-J6935DW Wireless Inkjet Printer

MFC-J6935DW printer image

The MFC-J6935DW is an excellent printer to help you save on costs but not functionality – a quick, 6-second first page out time and A3 scanning make this printer ideal for dealing with tasks quickly and easily.

Fast inkjet print speeds, automatic duplex printing and scanning and wireless connectivity make this printer excellent value.

In addition, this printer comes with a huge 600 sheet paper capacity and automatic low paper warnings, meaning less downtime and higher productivity.

  • Colour/mono? – Colour and mono
  • Print speed – Up to 22ipm mono + 20ipm colour
  • Print resolution – Up to 4,800 x 1,200dpi
  • Connectivity – Wired network, wireless, USB
  • Capacity – 250 sheet standard tray, 250 sheet lower tray, 100 sheet MP tray, 50 sheet ADF
  • Monthly duty cycle – 30,000 per month
  • Size in cm (W x H x L) – 575mm (W) x 477mm (D) x 374mm (H)
  • Weight – 23.7kg

Brother label printers

Providing labelling solutions for a wide range of sectors and business types, Brother’s label printers are designed to work everywhere, from the garden to the office.

Brother’s label printers cover a wide range of sectors, some of which are covered below. Click the business type that suits you best for more information:

  • Offices
  • Home, garden and crafts
  • Electricians and network infrastructure
  • Retail
  • Hospitality

For offices: PT-D600VP Desktop Labelling Machine

The PT-D600VP comes with fastest in class printing speeds, an excellent and improved colour display and wide durable labels.

It is the perfect solution for any sort of office problem, from printing signs to labelling equipment.

Its compact and clean design means that it will fit right in in any office, with plenty of additions to ensure your business will stay productive.

For the home and garden: PT-90 Handheld Label Printer

PT-90 printer image
Compact and neat, the Pt-90 allows for users to create imaginative and stylish labels, quickly and easily.

With a QUERTY style keyboard and a 12 character, 1-line LCD screen, as well as a 7.5mm per second print speed, the PT-90 makes home label printing as easy as it should be.

Labelling folders, discs, school books and more is made simple, to allow your home to be more organised, yet creative.

Additional features include a built-in tape cutter and a ‘deco mode’, for when your labels need a little more creativity.

For electricians: PT-E550WVP Electrician’s Handheld Label Printer

Smart and efficient, the PT-E550EWVP allows you to create durable labels on the job for electrical or datacom installations, with an up to 30mm per second print speed and 7 lines of print.

Making sure cables, sockets, conduits and switches are made identifiable with durable, long lasting labels is key for those working with electrical installations.

This printer ensures that this is taken care of, and creates labels that address ANSI/EIA/TIA-606A/B and meet UL-969 standards.

For retail and hospitality: TD-2020 Industrial Label Printer

TD-2020 printer image
The TD-2020 combines excellent print quality with high print speeds to ensure a streamlined device for your business needs.

Its spindle-less design means you will have to reload the printer much less, and with 6MB of on-board memory, this printer is clearly great for those looking for a productive and efficient printer.

Mobile printers

If you are away from the office but still need to print documents for your business, Brother’s range of mobile printers will suit your needs.

The PocketJet mobile printer is small and compact enough to fit in a backpack, or easily mounted inside a vehicle.

Additionally, they can be powered by rechargeable batteries, AC adapters and vehicle power adapters, and connect to various devices through USB, IrDA or Bluetooth, making these mobile printers flexible and versatile for all of your business needs on-the-go.

These printers use Direct Thermal Printing Technology, meaning that you will not need to purchase ink or toner, all while achieving crisp printing, for both convenience and cost savings for your business.

PJ-723 A4 Mobile Printer

PJ-723 A4 Mobile Printer image
The PJ-723 is Brother’s entry level PocketJet printer, but still has plenty of functionality to suit your business needs when on the move.

Thermally printing at 300dpi, this printer will produce crisp text and images with a print speed of 8 pages per minute.

The printer supports Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and Citrix and connects via a simple USB connection – although the more expensive models will come with wireless connectivity, so consider this if necessary.

Brother support and supplies

It is important to ensure that when you purchase supplies for your printer, they are genuine Brother inks, toners and other supplies. This means that you can keep your printer in the best possible condition for excellent print quality and reliability.

Brother ink and toner

By using inferior, non-genuine parts and supplies, your printer will print low quality text and images, with much slower speeds and even the risk of potential damages to your printer – which will cost your business more in the long run.

Genuine Canon cartridges are available via their site that are made for each of their different machines and will provide with you the highest standard possible. Ensuring that you use only genuine cartridges will prevent any issues from sub-standard quality equipment and supplies.

Brother printer drivers

Brother printer drivers are various firmware and manuals that will allow users to be able to work their machines. Usually, many of these drivers are required to allow members of staff to print, or generally use the printer.

The most common drivers will be delivered along with your printer – they could come pre loaded or sometimes on a disc or USB. These drivers are essential to ensuring that your printer will work correctly and safely.

Compare brother printer quotes for your business

Hopefully, the information on this page has provided you with an understanding of the printers that Brother offers. If you would like more information on their products, however, the best option is for to you to speak to a supplier or expert now.

To do so, and compare quotes and receive tailored, relevant information, complete the form at the top of the page – the process is free, easy and simple, and will save your business both time and money.

If you would like to look at some of our other favourite printers, read our top 5 printers guide for more information.

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