Market stall equipment checklist: What you need for your market stall business

All the essentials you need to run a successful market stall business!

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Whether you’re looking to sell your latest makes at local festivals, or display your self-grown produce at farmers markets around your county, there’s a whole range of equipment you’ll need to make this happen. 

From the obvious – market stall tables and display equipment – to the not so obvious – credit card machines and point of sale displays – we’ll clue you in to what equipment you need, and give you top tips on how to get hold of it. 

Where to buy market stall equipment

Not sure where to buy your market stall equipment? Make sure you purchase it from a reputable supplier. Here are some of the best suppliers for gazebos, tables, integrated setups, and displays:

✓ Buying 

  • Apex Market Stalls

✓ Renting


General market stall equipment

What general equipment do you need, and how much does it cost?

Standard gazeboSpecial event gazebo 


Gazebos are available in a range of sizes, and are typically used for open air markets. 

While the majority of gazebos look like the standard gazebo pictured, some websites like offer super high quality, structured gazebos for event hire.

standard gazebo
Price: £399Price: On request

Basic tableTilted table


Market stall tables also come in a variety of shapes and designs. Both tables pictured are perfect for those looking for a separate gazebo and table setup.

While basic tables are ideal for those looking to sell things like condiments, tilted tables are great for showcasing fresh produce.

Market stall tabletilted market stall table
Price: £40Price: £50

Walk-in market stall with tablesCounter market stall


Instead of purchasing a separate gazebo and table, you could choose an integrated market stall setup.

These usually include a canvas, a table, and the ability to integrate a huge range of display elements.

walk-in market stallcounter market stall
Price: From £240Price: From £175

Shelving displaysAngled dump bins


For general market stalls, displays include table-type and walk-in stall shelving, and angled dump bins.  

Table-type shelving – such as angled dump bins – will secure to your table, while walk-in stall shelving can connect to your main stall structure.

market stall shelvingangled dump bins
Price: From £47Price: From £80

Pricing signageBranded point of sale areas


When it comes to your point of sale area, there are plenty of ideas you can play around with.

Whether you choose to promote items using foamex displays or fluorescent display boards, it’s important to create signage that’ll catch your customers’ eye.

pricing signagebranded point of sale
Price: From £1 per packPrice: From £10

Cash registerElectronic point of sale set up


To take payments, you’ll need a cash register. You could opt for a basic cash register, or an electronic point of sale setup.

Electronic point of sale systems allow you to upload your entire inventory, manage your stock, and take orders, in addition to processing payments.  

cash registeripad epos system
Price: From £1 per packPrice: From £10

Make sure your point of sale (POS) and merchant account aren’t an after-thought

It’s worth having a think about the best point of sale setup for you. These days, fewer people are carrying cash, so having a means to take card payments is a must. And while manual cash registers are cheaper than electronic point sale systems, they don’t help you to keep track of stock, as well as your sales figures. 

When you choose a card machine, you need to choose a merchant account provider, too. A merchant account is a holding account for all the funds taken via your card machine. Most banks offer them, as do some credit card machine suppliers, such as Square. 

In fact, if you choose a package from one of our point of sale partners including as Square and Zettle by PayPal (formerly known as iZettle), you can get away with not having a cash register at all. All you’ll need is an iPad and one of their card readers. 

Take a look at our dedicated merchant accounts article for more information. 

Market stall lighting equipment

An electricity connection isn’t always an option for market stall owners, so having battery and solar powered LED lights on hand is always a good idea. You can easily get hold of these from local hardware stores, or from specialist market stall shops online. 

Food market stall equipment

Of course, if you’re thinking of starting a food market stall, you’ll need specific equipment. This includes:

Clothing market stall equipment

In addition to a walk-in stall setup, those looking to sell clothes will need to think about how to display them.  At a minimum, you’ll need: 

Farmers market stall equipment

Make sure you show off your local produce and keep it fresh with the following items:

Market stall equipment hire: renting vs buying

When it comes to renting versus buying, there is no right or wrong answer. While renting is great for those who go to one-off events throughout the year, buying market stall equipment is well worth the investment if you plan to attend markets on a regular basis.

As Duncan Kenning from states:

As a fledgling startup, regardless of what you’re selling, hiring a market stall is a great way to dip your toe in the water, to test your idea and see if it has legs. With minimal financial investment and without costly overheads like rent and electricity, you have an immediate low-cost platform for trialling your product or service and developing a better understanding of its potential whilst figuring out who’s buying it (who your target market is), and for how much you can sell it.

This principal doesn’t just apply to those selling a physical product, though. Many of our clients are in the business of organising events and many of them are trialling an idea in just the same way. Whether you’re running a Brazilian Street Food Festival or a Hand Made Crafts Market, organisers trial their ideas by opting to hire market stalls (which they then rent to traders) as a low cost approach which allows them to test the water with minimal investment to see if their idea has potential.

Second hand market stall equipment

While it’s fairly easy to pick up second hand market stall equipment from online market places such as Gumtree and eBay, that equipment can often be damaged or weathered. 

You need to make a great first impression, so ensuring your stall looks professional and reflects your brand identity is key. 

If you’re just starting your market stall career and looking to regularly attend local markets, you may be able to arrange a discounted rate with market stall hiring companies, rather than spending a lot of money on second hand equipment that may not be up to the job. 

Making sure you’re ready to start your market stall

While your stall structure and display is important, make sure you pay as much attention to your POS system and merchant account provider.


When purchasing your equipment, make sure you approach a reputable provider, such as the ones mentioned in the beginning of this article. 

And when it comes to your point of sale system, make sure you compare quotes from a range of providers to ensure you’re getting the best system – and price – for your needs. 

Why not read more of our content on point of sale systems for more information? Alternatively, you can request quotes from our point of sale partners. Simply provide us with a few basic details about your business, and they’ll be in touch with prices and more information. is reader-supported. If you make a purchase through the links on our site, we may earn a commission from the retailers of the products we have reviewed. This helps to provide free reviews for our readers. It has no additional cost to you, and never affects the editorial independence of our reviews.

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