…and one for 2009 – Fraser Doherty: Superjam

Focus: 100% fruit jam made from super fruits

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Fraser Doherty, 19
: Superjam
Web: www.superjam.co.uk

Doherty started selling his home-made jam when he was 14. He officially launched Superjam in January 2007 with the aim of selling his healthy jams, which are made entirely from fruit, in the supermarkets. Helped by a £5,000 loan from the Prince’s Trust, he perfected his recipes, labels and ramped up production enough to fulfil this goal. He’s the youngest person ever to supply a supermarket and buyers have loved the modern image of his brand. He’s now stocked by Waitrose, Tesco, Asda and Morrisons, and expects to be listed in the rest by the end of the year, doubling turnover. He’s preparing to launch in Ireland and other European countries, and beyond that, into supermarkets all over the world.

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