Dr Shamus Husheer and Dr Oriane Chausiaux: DuoFertility

Helping couples conceive – naturally

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Dr Shamus Husheer (right) and Dr Oriane Chausiaux, 35 and 31
Company: Cambridge Temperature Concepts Ltd (trading as DuoFertility)
Web: www.duofertility.com

Options for couples struggling to conceive can appear limited. The founders of DuoFertility believe their product can help couples conceive naturally, to avoid resorting to invasive procedures.

A small patch is placed under the woman’s arm which establishes when she is at her most fertile. The information can be uploaded via the internet and analysed by a team of fertility experts, who can provide the support to the woman normally associated with a high-end fertility clinic in the comfort of her own home.

The product is £500 but the business has a money-back guarantee if pregnancy doesn’t occur within 12 months. The product is just starting to be sold in the USA, which represents a huge market, and where it has already received endorsement from medics. In the UK, its stockists include Boots.

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