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Gary McWilliam
Company: The Hire Supply Company

McWilliam’s Nottinghamshire-based business supplies equipment to the hire industry, including gardening, landscaping, site electrical works and climate control. While it was started in 1995, McWilliam didn’t come on board until 2001, taking the business from a £300,000 turnover to £2.7m in three years having revamped its product portfolio. Revenues should reach £3.1m this year and plans for expansion into Europe are underway.

2016 update: 

McWilliam remains as managing director of The Hire Supply Company, which now claims to be one of the UK’s largest Tool Hire Industry Distributors. In 2006, the company launched HSC FireSafe, which sells fire extinguishers, fire blankets, full service and maintenance and fire & safety risk assessments.

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