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Kulbir Sohi, 35 & Purvinder Tesse, 35
Web: www.fcluk.com

FCL coordinates the movement of clients’ cargo around the world. It specialises in catering for small to medium firms’ logistical needs, which the founders feel are often neglected by big shipping firms. Set up in 2003 and entirely self-funded, FCL employs 16 staff and has a £5.9m turnover, which will hit £8.5m next year as FCL’s flexibility attracts more business during the downturn. As companies become more wary of locking themselves into expensive logistics contracts, FCL is picking up the slack. Expansion into India and China is on the cards, and the business has recently diversified into clean energy. Sister company FCL Clean Technologies is one of the biggest suppliers of sustainably sourced bulk biodiesel in the UK.

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