Lee Biggins and Brian Wakem: CV-Library

A thriving recruitment firm turning over more than £6m

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Lee Biggins (right) and Brian Wakem, 34 and 32
Company: CV-Library
Web: www.cv-library.co.uk

With over five million CVs in CV-Library’s database – 140,000 of which were registered in January alone – it’s arguably no wonder clients such as G4S, Asda, TK Maxx, plus recruitment agencies are using the jobs board to fill vacancies.

The Hampshire-based firm, founded in 2000, employs 55 staff, turned over £4.7m last year, and is projecting to grow that to £6.7m this year. Founders Biggins and Wakem are now looking at new ways to enhance clients’ recruitment campaigns through, for example, social media profiles and mobile solutions.

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