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Paul Ephremsen
Company: iD Experiential

Ephremsen co-founded iD Experiential with Paul Soanes immediately after graduating in 1993, with just £2,000. Eleven years on, their ability to produce campaigns that “locate consumers and engage them in branded conversations” has raked in £8.5m and created a workforce of 50 people. When we spoke he was ‘job swapping’ for the week on reception.

2016 update:

iD Experiential has grown to become one of the largest marketing agencies in the UK, employing more than 60 staff and 5,000 brand ambassadors around the UK. In 2014, Ephremsen co-founded Worth Capital, which focuses on funding and mentoring high-growth start-ups. Its unique approach involves creating business competitions, which are promoted by a media partner. One such competition is The Start-Up Series, launched in partnership with in October 2016. The largest seed funding competition in the UK, it gives one company every month the chance to win £150,000 in equity seed funding.

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