Vinay Gupta and Tom Wright: Whipcar

Connecting people with cars to hire with the people that want to hire them

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Vinay Gupta (right) and Tom Wright (left), 35 and 33

Since 2010, the neighbour to neighbour car rental service has connected car owners who don’t drive their car all the time with safe, approved drivers nearby. WhipCar was the first service of its kind in the world and membership is free for both car owners and drivers. There are now over 19,000 car owners across the UK renting out their cars and 90% of Londoners are within a 10 minute walk of a WhipCar.

Vinay Gunpta met co-founder Tom Wright while working as a digital media strategist for Fleming Media, where Wright was an employee at the time. The idea behind WhipCar, when it came, felt to them ‘too big to ignore’.  They are now globally recognized speakers championing the sharing economy and their ambition to turn the car from a product into a managed service.

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