Will Orr-Ewing: Keystone Tutors

Bringing the new breed of ‘professional tutors’ to the UK’s schoolchildren

Will Orr-Ewing, 27
Keystone Tutors
Web: www.keystonetutors.com

Orr-Ewing is making a name for his private tutoring company by focusing on professionalism in an area not known for that quality. Only 21 when he founded Keystone Tutors in 2006, the former Harrovian and Oxford graduate has 200 tutors working for him, all of whom have been through a rigorous screening and training programme and who are paid a professional salary.

His tutors include a polar explorer; an amateur boxing champion; and the winner of the 2009 Edinburgh Comedy Award for best newcomer. Keystone has displayed 100% year-on-year growth since 2006, and now has a seven-figure turnover.


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