56. Eyetease Media

The innovative time and geography-sensitive device turning every cab into a moving billboard

-920034472Eyetease-Media.jpgFounder: Richard Corbett
Founded: February 2010 (launched January 2012)

Why it made our list:

It took two years of tireless research and development to create what Corbett describes as the world’s most advanced digital broadcast medium for taxis. Inspired by visits to New York, where he felt taxis were underutilised, his unique design uses 3G and GPS technology to broadcast video adverts from a rooftop monitor. So advanced is the technology that a taxi driving through a predominantly Hispanic area translates ads into Spanish, for example, coffee ads play in the morning, and theatre promos run at night.

Initially targeting the US market, the business makes money both by selling the hardware and acting as the media network owner, thereby earning revenue from advertising. Having recently secured a deal with the world’s largest player within this sector, Corbett is headed for the fast lane.