The top 5 pet business start-up ideas

Protectivity's Steph Mylchreest provides a countdown of the five most attractive start-up business ideas you can pursue in the pet industry

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Taking the plunge and deciding to go it alone and set up your own business can be daunting. So of course if you are able to create a start-up from a hobby or interest it makes it all the more worthwhile.

Recently there has been an increase in the number of people deciding to set up pet businesses in the UK and this isn’t surprising as recent surveys have shown that pet owners are now spending over £10,000 a year on their four legged friends! We’ve taken a look at some of the best pet business start-up ideas and how easy they really are for entrepreneurs to set up!

5. Dog training

Dog training is a great pet business start-up. Although it does mean undertaking some qualifications to learn about dog behaviour, once these are done you can operate from pretty much anywhere! Qualifications can be gained at a local animal college. A simple Google search will be able to tell you where these can be taken over the course of a few weeks. Trainers often visit pets in their own homes and environments and can be supplemented with training classes in the local park!

4. Pet microchipping

With the change to the law in 2016 and the introduction of The Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015 making it a legal requirement for all dogs in England to be microchipped by eight weeks old, the amount of microchipping pet businesses has grown. Get qualified from an approved supplier such as PeddyMark or Tracer (this usually takes around four hours of one-to-one training), a place to operate from, and pet business insurance. Get friendly with the local breeders and you are ready to start!

3. Pet grooming

With pet owners spending more and more each year on their beloved four-legged friends’ beauty regime, it’s no wonder that the popularity of pet grooming has grown ten-fold. Although this pet business start-up does require some initial capital for machinery, equipment and overheads as well as qualifications, this can quickly become a lucrative business. A simple Google search will be able to tell you the local pet grooming courses in your area.

2. Pet sitting

From puppies to cats, most owners will not be around all day to keep their pet company. And therefore, pet sitters are vital to give their pets the much needed attention they deserve. With pet sitters charging on average £10 an hour to pop in and feed/play/attend to them, this can quickly become a lucrative start-up option. With the additional benefit of no overheads and minimal outgoings, just the necessary travel, insurance and licenses it can be a great quick start-up indeed!

1. Dog walking

By far the most popular in the last couple of years is the dog walking start-up. Pet owners are busy people and often do not have the time to give their dogs as much exercise as they would like. With recent media reports claiming dog owners in London can make as much as £64,000 a year, it is easy to see why. To set up all you need is a good client base (friends and family are a good place to start!), a DBS check, licence and dog walking insurance and you are ready to go!

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