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Having a company set appointments for you is a great way to let your sales-staff concentrate on selling

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The first thing a company does when it has a product or service is it comes up with a marketing strategy or a way of informing their clients and potential clients about it.

It is important to realise that certain products and services entail more than just a conversation via phone or email for it to be sold to a client. Several of these products and services will need the added task of being assessed and estimated.

Furthermore, if it is a product that might be a little complicated, the company will require someone to show the client how it works. Most often, the client might opt for a trial before committing to a purchasing.

Telemarketing appointment setters make it easy for the team tasked with the job of selling the product and service of the company to meet with and sell to a customer. It saves more time for the sales team, helps the company sell more, and you do not lose your clients from automated approaches that do not have a personal touch.

It does not matter what you offer as a company, be it a service or a product – telemarketing appointment setters help you save up on time trying to reach clients and cut down on the moral-killing process of customers who might not be interested. Instead, an expert company will help streamline your efforts to those interested and ready to make a purchase.

For further information, you can get to know what entails telemarketing appointment setting, what are the costs incurred when you use appointment setting, both high and low range appointment setting and the benefits you will have by choosing telemarketing appointment setting. Alternatively, if you own a or manage a business and want to know about other options, visit our small business telemarketing services page.

What Is Telemarketing Appointment Setting?

Many do not know what telemarketing appointment setting is all about, and simply define it is a form of telemarketing which involves making calls to make and organise meetings that will be beneficial both for the client and the company selling the product or service.

When a company chooses the appointment setting route, they are guaranteed an easier way of recording how much of their investment is coming back to the company thanks to the engagements set and on the sales made.

As with pay per lead telemarketing, the advantage to this is that there is a positive feel to it as the sales team have immediate response and sales because they get to deal with customers that are interested and that are serious about purchasing the product or service.

Many businesses outsource this process due to its ability to save time for the sales team cutting down on time spent on the phone trying to reach clients. It is also easily accepted by customers as they do not see it as just another telemarketing ploy rather as a consideration on their time which will go easily with them than a telemarketing call.

When a company opts to do an appointment setting, they are at an advantage as they benefit from both the telemarketing end of it and the appointment setting end of it, they inform the client and set up a meeting that will more often than not end in a sale.

Appointment Setting Costs

Just like any business transaction made, there are costs incurred. One has to consider a few things that are pertinent to the business and how much they are willing to spend on it.

For a business to decide on whether they want to have an appointment setting company to do the calls for them, one of the first things one has to consider is whether the schedules are going to be internal or external.

Internal calls can easily be made by the company’s employees dealing with the sales as they would know the clients and how to approach them. External calls might require the company to hire an agency to do it for them. So, before the drive starts, proper consideration must be made to know which of the two will benefit the company greatly.

The second factor to consider is the type of value the company wants when it comes to the kind of clients. Hiring an external agency for this work will be advantageous as they specialise in getting clients which translate to more clients and more sales for the company.

The company’s sales team might have a disadvantage here as they might have the knowledge of the product or service but might not have the know-how of acquiring the clients, so let an agency get the clients right to the door, and the sales team can do the selling.

  • High-range appointment setting – High-range appointment setting is more expensive but offers a better quality of lead. Those appointments made in this way are more likely to be sale-ready and will generally provide a higher value.
  • Low-range appointment setting – Low-range appointment setting is less expensive than high-range, but can be more valuable in some areas. There is less guarantee from lead to lead, but often this option will deliver a higher volume.

High-Range Telemarketing Appointment Setting

You might wonder what a high-range lead is. They are the costly preference for businesses that opt to have an external agency handle their appointment setting.

This preference is on the higher side because for the process to work efficiently and effectively there will be a stringent screening process to be done to ensure that the service offered is right for that market and that it is of the highest quality.

The screening process will also ensure that when the telemarketing appointment setting is done, it will be easy to convert that interest into a sale hence your company will have a return on investment (ROI).

When purchasing high-range leads, there are a few things that a business can always expect. One is that the business will have the telemarketing appointment setting set for its business solely so that there is no competition with any other company. Secondly, that the business will receive the topmost class of leads who are ready to convert.

Finally, it will provide a chance to work with the company’s team that is involved in the sales drive by revising with them on the process and recommending for them the best strategy to use which will help them when meeting up with the clients.

When looking at the rate at which high range appointments are booked, they come in at a slower pace when compared to low range appointments. Despite this case, the efforts put into a high range appointment drive have a higher probability of yielding more returns on investments for the company than a low range appointment.

Look at it this way if you are aiming to get the highest class, more profitable sales prospects every time you do such a drive, then a high range appointment setting should be your strategy.

If you opt for this appointment setting, you can choose to go for an agency to do the work for you, which will have you incurring some high costs or you can outsource a freelancer to do it for you, which will be fairly cheap compared to having an agency do it. It will be up to you to decide depending on how big the sales drive is.

Low-Range Telemarketing Appointment Setting

Unlike the high range appointment setting, the low range appointment setting has not gone through stringent screening procedure. If the telemarketing appointment maker senses that there was an inkling of interest from the possible client, they will still forward that lead to the company to pursue it.

There are no guarantees of conversion with this kind of appointment setting as there is no confirmation that the leads are going to buy the product or service.

Requests for the low range appointment setting will always be more than the high range telemarketing appointment setting but the possibility of it translating the calls to profitable sales is minimal.

This is disadvantageous to your business as it will mean that the team dealing with the sales will have to put in more effort and time in sorting through the bad leads to find the ones that are ready to convert and purchase the product or service.

When you use the low range appointment setting, you are guaranteed three sure things. One is that you will have competition and you will have to scramble for a sale. Secondly, you will get the poorer value of results that come in higher volume.

Finally, the sales team will be going in with no insight on how the telemarketing appointment setting went really as they do not get any information or notes on how the leads reacted.

Do not underestimate low range appointment setting because it has the capability of bringing in a lot of value with a lot of work put in compared to high range appointment setting.

A business that chooses to use low range appointment setting, its sales team will receive a vast number of prospective clients who might purchase your products or services, and it will keep your team busy.

High or Low-Range Appointments

For a business that is looking to speed roll a high-value product or service, it is advisable to opt to use the high range telemarketing appointment setting.

The reasons for that will be:

  • There will be a screening process to get high-quality leads.
  • The high-quality leads are more often than not going to translate to sales.
  • The high range appointment setting is a guarantee that there will be returns on investment for your business.
  • There will be no form of competition from other companies that might have the same product or service.
  • The sales team will be able to receive information on the leads from the telemarketing appointment makers.
  • High range appointment setting might be expensive, but it brings the most returns for the business.

Many businesses that opt to use low range appointment settings are businesses that are rolling out low-value products or services. Many such businesses use this appointment setting because:

  • There is no need of going through strict screening processes to get leads.
  • The telemarketing agency forwards any lead that sounded interested, whether they will purchase or not.
  • There is a higher volume of leads than in high range appointment setting which might translate to sales.

Telemarketing Appointment Setting Benefits

Telemarketing appointment setting is beneficial for a lot of businesses out there. A business can gain a lot of returns by simply reaching out to prospective clients via this method.

It is easier nowadays to reach people through their cell phones which make it simpler to generate interests in a product or service.

Telemarketing appointment setting has made it easy for people to agree to see someone than having to listen to someone jibber jabber about a product or service. When one does not feel pressured to buy a product or service at that particular moment, it has been introduced to them, but they are given the option of having an appointment they opt to go with the appointment. This is beneficial for the business as it just might translate into a sale hence a return on investment.

Appointment setting has become so beneficial for many businesses for the main reason that it puts the potential customer and the sales person face to face. This sales person has been highly trained not to let a sale slip away it will be tough for the customer to leave the place without agreeing to buy the product or service.

Another benefit of this kind of method is that it will help your business generate quality leads. The quality leads are going to translate to potential sales.

Your sales team, not spending hours cold calling potential customers is another benefit for your business as they would spend that time on tasks that would benefit the business.

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