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New crowdfunding platform InvestingZone launches with City backing

Service will allow instant investment through mobile and tablet apps

Influential City investors today announced the launch of new crowdfunding service InvestingZone, which they claim will address the funding gap left by banks and professionalise the crowdfunding sector.

Developed by E-Synergy founders Jean Miller and Richard Brockbank and backed by high-profile City figures including Better Capital chairman Jon Moulton, the launch of the platform marks the UK's first venture capital service where the directors have direct venture capital expertise.

The service will be built around a mobile and tablet app which will allow private investors to buy shares in unlisted early-stage companies on the go.

InvestingZone will also allow participants to take advantage of lucrative tax incentives including the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).

The service is intended to provide a more ‘professional' alternative to platforms such as Crowdcube and Seedrs, which focus their marketing more on ‘armchair investors' from the general public.

Founders Jean Miller and Richard Brockbank are experienced in the investment field having founded start-up focused venture capital firm E-Synergy, which has now financed more than £100m of deals over ten years.

E-Synergy will vet and approve the companies seeking to use InvestingZone to raise finance which it claims will ensure that firms with a misleading, unclear or unfair business proposition are not featured.

Jon Moulton, chairman of venture capital firm Better Capital and one of the backers of the platform, said: “The market is ripe for crowdfunding.  A real opportunity for a new method of raising money at a sensible cost has appeared.

“Poor returns on savings, coupled with great tax incentives, can make unlisted equities an attractive proposition. Good UK prospects are going unfunded. InvestingZone can bridge this gap to connect investors with opportunities.”


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