This is how small businesses will vote in the general election 2017

Less than 24 hours before the election, a new poll by reveals the political parties with the most support from UK start-ups and small businesses. View the results…

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The majority of UK start-ups and small businesses are expected to vote for the Conservative party in the general election on June 8, according to the findings of a new poll by

Surveying over 1,500 start-up founders and small business owners from May 19 2017 to June 6 2017 on the question of ‘which party is best for business?’, the poll found 39% in favour of the Conservative party.

35% of the small business owners surveyed said they were in favour of Labour, while 11% were found to be in favour of the Liberal Democrats.

The Green Party secured 8% of votes as the “best political party for business”, while UKIP secured 7% of votes.

Rebekah Bonaparte, the community manager of who compiled the poll, commented:

“With less than 24 hours to go until voting opens for the general election, our survey sheds light on how we can expect the country’s small businesses – which account for 99% of all UK companies – to vote.

“There was only a marginal difference in votes for Conservative and Labour in our survey so it’s likely that policies on corporation tax, employment issues, and positions on Brexit will all bear weighting among business owners at the polling stations tomorrow.”

To learn more about the business policies and manifestos of Conservative and Labour ahead of tomorrow’s general election, view our summary guide here.

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