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Nobly POS is a good option for modern businesses looking to scale. Find out why with our in depth review.

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Robyn Summers-Emler Grow Online Editor

Nobly isn’t necessarily the biggest name in POS systems, but it’s the ideal provider for small hospitality businesses looking to scale. We’ve highlighted a few key reasons why you should use its point of sale system for your business:

  • Nobly’s incredible reporting features are on par with the technology used by big players in the hospitality game
  • Over 30 detailed, easy-to-read reports that allow you to make informed, data-driven decisions
  • Back-end stock monitoring system that automatically informs you when stock is running low
  • Nobly’s personalised loyalty scheme feature allows you to reward your most loyal customers

If Nobly sounds like the perfect solution for your business needs, why not use our free, no obligation comparison tool to compare its costs and features against other POS providers. It will save you time and money, is completely free, and the best part is – it takes just minutes to complete.

Or, if you want to carry out further research, read on for a detailed outline of Nobly’s products and services to help you decide on your best course of action in regards to implementing electronic point of sale systems in your business.

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How Nobly POS improve small business operations?

Nobly offers over 30 in-depth reports, including sales and end of day reports. These enable entrepreneurs to log and keep track of every sale they make. With this information they can see which products are doing well and what time of day they’re selling.

Take Maurilio Goncalves, for example. He owns Carioca, a restaurant that serves authentic Brazilian food in Brixton. He felt that his old till was too big and didn’t fit in with the decor of his restaurant.

When Goncalves moved over to Nobly, not only was he pleased with the Nobly’s slick look, but the information from the sales report inspired him to make changes to his Croydon branch.

From the Nobly reports, Goncalves soon found that certain meals were selling a lot more than other and so used this information to create a new menu.

Thanks to Nobly, Carioca now serves exactly what the customers want, saving Goncalves money on wasted stock, and time on unnecessary marketing.

Maurillo also loves Nobly’s table service feature, saying himself that “there’s nothing more annoying for a customer than to have the waiter make a mistake with their order. But, hospitality staff are only human and it’s inevitable that mistakes will occasionally happen.

“With Nobly’s table service feature, however, staff can take an order at the table and then the receipt will get sent directly to kitchen. Not only does this eradicate mistakes, but waiters will no longer have the stress of remembering a dozen orders at a time.”

Save time on stock takes and menu mistakes with nobly POS

One of the most time-consuming and frustrating elements of running a small business is the stock take. But not anymore. Nobly’s easy-to-use BackOffice does it for you. With a simple click you can log stock onto the system. Nobly will then let you know when stock is running low, so you can update your resources before you run out.

Additionally, Nobly uses smart technology to match your ingredients with your products. Tracking your ingredients that are used over a number of products can help you see how much you’ve used and what you’ve got left.

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How does Nobly POS work and what are its standout features?

Encourages customer loyalty
Giving customers rewards for their loyalty is a great way to sustain a regular client-base. Rather than giving out an easily losable piece of card, Nobly’s inbuilt loyalty system uses software to track a business’s most loyal customers, and help it give something back to them.

With Nobly’s personalised loyalty scheme, small businesses can customise the type of relationships they have with their customers. The system is also integrated with MailChimp, allowing companies to keep in touch with their customers, offer deals, show they care, and get them coming back.

No Wifi? No problem
The internet can be your best friend or your worst enemy. When you’re online, it can help you with about anything. When it goes down, however, it can cause endless problems.

Unlike other POS systems, Nobly works without Wifi. When the internet goes down and a sale is made, Nobly logs the information and processes it once the internet is back on.

This makes it perfect for companies on the road, such as food trucks. The burgeoning festival scene over the last decade has created an abundance of opportunities for mobile food and drinks sellers.

Unfortunately, traditional tills are bulky, take up space and are frankly a primitive way of keeping track of your sales. With Nobly, mobile business owners can enjoy an organised point of sale machine without having to have an internet connection.

Nobly can also run solely off of an iPad and a card machine, making it a more compact and sleek option. With intelligent technology, a foolproof features system and a great look, Nobly POS is a good option for entrepreneurs who want to move away from the traditional till system and scale-up their business.

How much does a Nobly POS system cost?

So, the big question, how much does such an all-singing, all-dancing system cost?

For the first register, Nobly POS will cost £39 per month. This is billed annually, so will cost a tidy £468.

For any subsequent registers, it’ll cost you £25 per month. Again, this is billed annually.

So, for two registers using a Nobly POS system (software only), it’ll cost a business £768 with the promise of:

  • Free menu upload
  • 24/7 support
  • Fortnightly software updates
  • Works with your existing payment system
  • No strings attached: no contract, no hidden extra costs

Remember, the above details software-only prices, so if that sounds expensive, you might consider a hardware bundle:

The No-wires Bundle is £784.00 + VAT and offers:

  • 5th-generation iPad
  • Star cash drawer
  • Star Wifi or Bluetooth receipt printer
  • Heckler Windfall iPad stand

And then there’s also…

BundlePriceWhat's included
The Small Space Bundle£654.00 + VAT5th-generation iPad

Star mPOP all-in-one cash drawer and receipt printer

Heckler Windfall iPad stand
The High Volume Bundle£729.00 + VAT5th-generation iPad

Star cash drawer

Star LAN receipt printer

Heckler Windfall iPad stand

Nobly POS: Final thoughts

Nobly POS is a versatile and feature-rich option for hospitality businesses looking to maximise profit and increase customer satisfaction via a data-driven, efficient approach.

With statistics reporting and easy stock-take management at your disposal, Nobly POS could really provide maximum impact with minimal effort.

However, if you’re looking for something a bit different, or would like to compare quotes and pricing information for leading POS systems, tell us bit more about what you need by filling out our 2-minute POS form. Then, we can match you to suppliers than offer exactly what you need.

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