What is a company authentication code?

How to request a company authentication code

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Once you’ve registered your company, you will receive your company authentication code. This is a six-digit code issued by Companies House, used to authorise your company when filing documents online. It is essentially in replacement of your signature.

If for some reason, you did not receive a code, requesting one is a simple online process and only takes a few minutes. It is recommended to register for your authentication code well in advanced of your deadlines to avoid late filing. There is a short video here, to help with registration. If you would prefer not to register for your company authentication code, you will have to file all documents via post, which takes a little while longer.

All codes are generated at random with a combination of letters and numbers. If you would like a more memorable code, you can change it by logging into Companies House. Please ensure you choose your memorable password carefully and it would be great to use a complex combination that would be difficult to figure out. If your code was cracked or someone else came in possession of it, they will have access to all your company details. Which may result in a change of directors, company address, shares etc. If you are ever concerned that someone may have access to your login details, please report this to Companies House straightaway.

Keeping your code safe

With all the risks attached to your code falling into the wrong hands, you ought to be treating your authentication code with the same caution as you would with the PIN to your bank or credit card account.

Here are a few tips:

  • If a third party files your company accounts, it’s imperative that it’s someone you can trust.
  • Use an intricate combination of letters and numbers if you decide to change your Companies House generated code.
  • If you are alarmed that someone may know your code, log in and change it as soon as possible.
  • Go ahead and change your code if it is known by a previous accountant or member of staff authorised to file your company accounts.

Although you oversee your company and can change your authentication code as and when you please; it’s important to note that your code can be changed without permission if mail sent to your registered address is returned on multiple occasions or if your code is entered incorrectly three or more times on the Companies House website.

If for anyone reason you may need a new code, simply apply here to request a new one.

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