13. myParcelDelivery.com

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Founders: David Grimes and Paul Haydock
Founded: November 2009 (launched June 2010)
Website: www.myparceldelivery.com

It was while running their previous business that Manchester-based Grimes and Haydock spotted a gap in the market for a service which could reduce long post office queues – and increase efficiency for the small business owners, eBay sellers and general public forced to endure them. Courier services were too expensive for most, as those customers weren’t necessarily sending out a huge volume of mail. So, myParcelDelivery.com was created to aggregate the volume of thousands of customers across the UK. This allows them, they say, to get the best rates with couriers, then pass these discounts on to customers.

The comparison site, which allows users to compare prices for courier services, is clearly answering a need: with revenues growing by 684% in 2011, while current figures for 2012 show a further 324% increase on 2011 numbers.

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