16. Crane.tv

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Founder: Constantin Bjerke
Founded: October 2010
Website: www.crane.tv

The publishing industry is changing, whether publishers like it or not. As consumers and advertisers turn away from the printed word, media entrepreneur Constantin Bjerke is betting on the fact that quality content will always find an audience. Crane.tv consists of a video-only magazine, focused on contemporary culture, and a branded entertainment agency, whose clients include the likes of Ralph Lauren, BMW, Swarovski and Hennessy.

Its revenue streams include advertising and sponsorship on its editorial side, licensing and syndication of its content to third parties and fees from work with brands. Crane.tv’s audience, described by Bjerke as “culturally curious”, already spans 150 countries. The company is now looking to establish itself further in new markets, such the US and Brazil.

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