30. Duedil

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Founder: Damian Kimmelman
Founded: October 2010 (launched April 2011)
Website: www.duedil.com

Why it made our list:

Launched in April 2011, Duedil is now the largest bank of free company financial information in the world. The site indexes more than 30 billion data points -scouring everything from Companies House data to directors' blogs – to return relevant information on any director or company in the UK and Ireland. The 29-year-old founder's flash of inspiration came when he saw the benefits of properly aggregating the vast amounts of company and director information available on the web.

So far, the focus has been on making the service, which is entirely free, as user-friendly and useful as possible. Revenue will be generated through premium content, document downloads, graphing and visualisation tools and related services. The company already has users across the globe, spanning large corporates to sole traders.

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