39. FusePump

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Founder: Robert Durkin, Lee Brignell-Cash, Chris Conn
Founded: March 2009
Website: www.fusepump.com

Put simply, FusePump helps anyone selling products through an e-commerce website to improve their online sales. It does this by distributing products and offers from the e-commerce website into digital marketing channels like price comparison sites, affiliate websites, marketplaces, search engines and display networks. FusePump extract products and offers from the ‘front end’ of the e-commerce website so that retailers can benefit without any technical effort. With a strong focus on – and investment in – developers and technology, the company has amassed an impressive client list since its launch in March 2009.

FusePump is currently working with more than 50 companies, in sectors ranging from retail, travel and media to telecommunications, as well as building its international presence, with clients in Spain, France and the US.

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