50. Pockit

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Founders: Danny, Virraj and Yuvraj Jatania
Founded: February 2010 (launched November 2011)
Website: www.pockit.com

When Danny Jatania champions a new trend, sit up and pay attention. The eminent entrepreneur behind the Lornamead Group (valued at more than half a billion pounds) has his sons on board his latest start-up – which aims to help recession-hit consumers better manage their money. In the emerging pre-paid card sector, Pockit is fast becoming a frontrunner.

Not only does it allow consumers to load money onto the card, but it is the first to allow users to request cashback in-store. It also offers an unrivalled range of exclusive voucher codes and deals. Powered by Mastercard, dozens of leading high street retailers are already on board, offering discounts – and more than 3,500 UK consumers have a Pockit in their pocket.

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