53. Cube 19

Converting complex business intelligence into pictures, for web and mobile

Founder: Dan McGuire
Founded: June 2011 (launched May 2012)
Website: www.cube19.com

cube19 was borne from Dan’s experiences with his last (hugely successful) start-up, Broadbean Technology. His issue was with data: believing that, if he could more effectively use critical business information, it would have helped raise the value of the firm upon exit. cube19 then was formed to turn complex business intelligence into pictures, delivered over the web as well as on mobile.

Clients pay around £50 per user per month and cube19 delivers visual analytics to every person in the company – with each screen optimised so users only see information that is relevant to their specific role and responsibilities. The business is now fundraising to attack the wider sales and business markets, and plans to dominate the recruitment analytics space within 12 months.

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