54. Righteous

The Innocent of salad dressings, Righteous marries exotic flavours with all natural ingredients

Founder: Gem Misa
Founded: October 2009 (launched January 2010)
Website: www.loverighteous.com

Why it made our list:

When you look at what Misa has achieved so far, it’s hard to believe Righteous launched less than three years ago. While still a one-man band, the business’ all natural salad dressings are stocked in over 700 Tesco and Waitrose stores, as well as with Ocado, Whole Foods Market and other independent food stores. The product will soon be exported to Australia and the US, and is already sold in Malaysia.

She discovered her gap in the market when researching how to create recipes for mass production, and realising that most manufacturers take shortcuts to extend shelf-life. Achieving growth of 900% between year one and two (without any bank loans or investment), with Righteous you really can taste the difference.

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