57. Techhub

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Founders: Elizabeth Varley and Mike Butcher
Founded: July 2010 
Website: www.techhub.com

The cluster of technology companies in the east of London are providing opportunities for other entrepreneurial businesses, set up to meet their needs. TechHub is one such start-up, designed to offer those firms flexible workspace: something of a halfway house between the spare bedroom and a traditional office. Focused on product (rather than service) orientated companies, it brings like-minded people together, runs events (previous speakers include Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales) and fosters the formation of new communities.

The brainchild of entrepreneur Elizabeth Varley and TechCrunch editor Mike Butcher, the business' revenue stream comes from membership fees – which can be paid by the month, or on an annual basis. With a second office recently opened in Riga, Latvia, Techhub is shaping up to become a global brand.

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