59. Concept Cupboard

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Founders: Chris Dodson, Guy McConnell, Julie Cheetham and Simon Devonshire
Founded: February 2011
Website: www.conceptcupboard.com

The economic downturn hasn’t hindered Concept Cupboard: quite the opposite in fact. Many businesses are tempted by spending less on design and marketing, and Concept Cupboard exists to match them with students and graduates looking to boost their portfolio. In theory, everyone’s a winner: graduates earn a little while gaining great experience; businesses choose from pitches submitted via the site. As for Concept Cupboard, they take a listing fee from the businesses, as well as a recruiter’s fee.

Over 2,500 students and graduates are now active on the website, and business customers range from start-ups to giants such as Hewlett-Packard. Having identified new revenue opportunities, the next 12 months sees further growth for Concept Cupboard, along with opportunities overseas.

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