60. TrueView

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Founders: Andrew Ibbotson, Matthew Verity and Damian Mitchell
Founded: January 2012
Website: www.trueview.me

Harnessing the popularity of social networks such as Facebook and Foursquare, TrueView asks soulmate-seeking singles to paint a picture of who they really are, by logging when they visit their favourite restaurant or watch a film they love. A sophisticated algorithm then uses this data to find partners that genuinely share their tastes and interests. Like most good ideas, it was catalysed by personal experience: after co-founder Ibbotson moved to London and struggled to find love through existing online dating sites.

Determined to disrupt an industry which hasn’t changed for 10 years, TrueView was recently honoured with one of the first places in Wayra’s UK academy, and an accompanying investment. Match.com, be warned. You’ve met your match.

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