66. Rocktails

The brand shaking up the alcohol industry with the first ready-to-drink frozen cocktail

Founders: Naomi Kibble and Helen McAvoy
September 2010 (launched July 2011)

To have two start-ups under your belt by the age of 24 is impressive – but to squeeze in a degree and a corporate career as well is something really to be celebrated. It’s all in a day’s work for ambitious entrepreneurs Kibble and McAvoy, who spotted a gap in the market for their high quality, off-the-shelf, frozen cocktails.

With more people than ever staying in to drink (thanks to the downturn), Rocktails has tapped into a momentous global market, currently valued at £15bn. In doing so, they are attempting to raise standards in the alcohol industry – which doesn’t require brands to label their nutritionals or (often dubious) ingredients. Rocktails list both on every one of their foil-fresh cocktail pouches.

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