67. Raspberry Pi

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Founders: Eben Upton (pictured), Jack Lang, Robert Mullins, David Braben, Alan Mycroft and Pete Lomas
December 2008 (launched February 2012)

It’s rare to find a start-up that’s as pioneering in its technological development as it is in its humanitarian aims, but that’s exactly what Raspberry Pi is. Eben Upton and his Cambridge University colleagues noticed a steady decline in applications to study computer science and set themselves a mission to make programming tools more readily available.

Investing £150,000 in the challenge, they designed a credit-card sized device, which, when plugged into a television and keyboard, can be used in much the same way as a desktop PC. Winning the praise of the tech world, the team have successfully driven down costs to retail the computer from just £15 – ensuring developing nations don’t miss out on the global technological revolution.

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