70. PleaseCycle

The unique corporate scheme promoting health and sustainability by telling workers: ‘on your bike’

Founders: Ry Morgan and Antony Ganjou
October 2010 (launched November 2011) 

Earlier this year we named cycling as one of the most promising start-up opportunities of 2012. There is no better example of this than PleaseCycle, which helps employers incentivise cycling to work, and reap the benefits of a healthier workforce. Its innovative ‘Bike Miles’ scheme rewards workers for every mile they cycle (with discounts at their local coffee shop or additional holiday time), and encourages co-workers to compete to top their office leader board for miles cycled.

One corporate brand has already signed up and the UK’s leading cycle-to-work scheme provider is about to integrate BikeMiles into their network of 23,000 clients. With plans to franchise the business worldwide, PleaseCycle is proving that, sometimes, two wheels are better than four.

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