78. Poikos

The start-up behind innovative new tech that takes accurate body measurements using webcams or smartphones

Founder: Eleanor Watson
Founded: July 2010 (product is pre-launch)
Website: www.poikos.com

Poikos was originally conceived as a service that would help people choose the right size when shopping for clothes online, though the Birmingham-based start-up has since pivoted towards the medical sector as well. Its technology means that it can take accurate body measurements from anyone using a webcam or smartphone; this technology will be licensed to customers, and the business is already working with clients who are contracting the service on to the likes of Tesco, Marks & Spencer, ASDA and the Mayo Clinic.

Poikos also has an international network of clients in Europe and the Middle East waiting for the service to roll out to them in the near future, and Asia, the US and South America will be targeted next.

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