79. Kwalee (2012)

A publisher of multiplayer games for smartphones, founded by gaming veteran David Darling CBE

Founder: David Darling CBE
Founded: September 2011
Website: www.kwalee.com

Leamington Spa-based Kwalee produces multi-player games for smartphones. Founder David Darling CBE is no newcomer to the gaming industry, having sold his previous business Codemasters in 2007. Codemasters, founded in 1986 by Darling and his brother and father, became one of the largest video game publishers in the world, creating hugely popular titles such as Dizzy, Micro Machines and Colin McRae Rally.

Darling now has his sights on the competitive mobile apps market and, through Kwalee, aims to produce the best multiplayer games for mobile in class – with a big focus on innovation. Kwalee’s first game, Gobang Social on iPhone, has already launched, and there are currently six more titles in development.

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