91. Soul Tree Wines

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Founders: Alok Mathur and Melvin D’Souza
Founded: April 2009 (launched January 2011)
Website: www.soultreewine.co.uk 

India has a plethora of attributes, but its wine, it's safe to say, isn't one of them. Until now, at least, as Soul Tree Wines is on a mission to change that. Co-founders and MBA graduates Mathur and D'Souza are determined to make Indian wine mainstream, and create a globally recognisable brand in the process. Big ambitions, but since launch last year there are already nearly 300 Indian restaurants listing the wine, with 20-25 being added each month.

With more than 10,000 Indian restaurants operating in the UK, serving £180m of wine a year, the potential is clear. In addition, the wine is now being distributed in France and Ireland, and talks are on with potential distributors in Spain. This all bodes well for the founders' goal: to become the obvious choice of wine to drink with Indian cuisine.

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