93. Alyssa Smith Jewellery

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Founder: Alyssa Smith
Founded: September 2009
Website: www.alyssasmith.co.uk

Deciding to make a living by selling jewellery in the middle of world-wide recession is a brave move by anyone’s standards, but Alyssa Smith’s eponymous business belies economic conditions as well as her tender years. The 25-year-old has set herself and her products apart through quirky design and an assured and effective use of social networking. Smith describes her products as ‘driven by customer demand and inspired by social media’ and a focus on interacting with customers through platforms such as Twitter has paid dividends.

As well as selling via her website, Smith has now begun working with stockists, such as online boutiques, to grow the brand. Savvy collaborations with brands such as Firefly Tonics, as well as some star appeal from celebrity fans, have put Alyssa Smith Jewellery on the map.

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