94. The Britpop Bakery

The London start-up raising catering industry standards – with an organic little cake on a stick

Founder: Jessica Williams
Founded: November 2011
Website: www.britpopbakery.com

Serial entrepreneur Jessica Williams inadvertently tapped into a phenomenon when she started The Britpop Bakery. The keen baker devised her unique recipe for organic, luxury cake-pops after discovering that the rich little cupcakes-on-a-stick she’d spotted breaking into the baking market were generally coated with a synthetic chemical called Candy Melts – and decided she wanted to eat better.

She wasn’t the only one and demand for The BritPop Bakery’s child-friendly, handcrafted treats has been so strong that the business is already outgrowing Williams’ home kitchen – within months of launch. After recently filling a significant order with Crew Clothing to celebrate its new ‘Junior’ range, Williams has just launched a promotion with Cosmopolitan magazine. Watch out Hummingbird Bakery.

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