99. Spearhead Interactive

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Founder: Dan Riley
Founded: February 2013
Website: www.spearheadinteractive.com

Spearhead Interactive’s model is almost unique in the web development sector as they can provide 3D elements for almost any business, educational institution or public sector website in the world, ranging from product demonstrations and assembly tutorials to virtual reality environments. Founder Dan Riley says the potential of the company’s offering to assist businesses is virtually endless; Spearhead’s technology can demonstrate the intricacies of an electrical circuit or plumbing system but also has the ability to generate up to 12 square miles of explorable virtual terrain. Spearhead’s clients to date have included biometric security systems manufacturer iEvo and double glazing consultants The Consultancy and Riley says discussions are ongoing with a number of other high-profile customers. Over the next year the company will continue to re-invest its earnings into research and development and plans to grow its portfolio of work in order to further demonstrate the technology’s wide potential to clients.

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