17. Love The Sales

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Founders: Stuart McClure, Mark Solomon, and Dave Bishop
Founded: 2015
Website: www.lovethesales.com

After coming in at 95 in the 2016 Startups 100, Love The Sales stormed up the rankings to 33 last year and now it’s back for a third and final appearance among our Startups 100 2018 top 20.

Founded by Stuart McClure, Mark Solomon, and Dave Bishop, Startups Awards-nominated Love The Sales aggregates sale products from more than 850 retailers, including House of Fraser, Radley, Michael Kors, All Saints, TM Lewin, Vivienne Westwood, and Currys,

With 30-50% of all retail products discounted every single day, that’s a lot of stock that retailers need to shift, and a lot of opportunities for consumers to get a good deal. This is where Love The Sales comes in.

Instead of hunting around various websites or stores, Love The Sales agreggates offers to make it easy for you to browse and buy goods, many of these often designer, at a greatly discounted price.

There are countless benefits for retailers too; enabling them to maximise revenue from their products rather than send them off to “deep discounters” or have the goods sitting in a warehouse, taking up valuable space. It also gives retailers the chance to offer discounts to a unique audience without being seeing as constantly on sale.

Since featuring in last year’s index, Love The Sales has multiplied overseas traffic and revenue by 12, and has focused on advancing and implementing its artificial intelligence technology strategy.

Advances in this technology means the business can now understand retailer metrics such as products of interest, products that are ignored, and retailers who convert. It can then use this data to “show the best products that consumers want most, from retailers that are effective at making fast, efficient transactions”, therefore providing the best shopping experience possible.

With a funding round on the horizon, as well as some exciting technological developments, the next year is set to be bigger than ever for the business as it looks to make everyone ‘love the sales’.

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