20. Trint

Tackling a pain-point broadcasters and journalists know all too well, this start-up provides transcription relief using innovative AI transcription software

Founder: Jef Kofman
Founded: December 2014 (launched September 2016)
Website: trint.com

Anyone that works in the publishing and broadcasting industry will know that transcribing is the worst part of the job.

As an Emmy-winning former broadcast journalist, Jef Kofman shared this sentiment. Having spent thousands of hours manually transcribing interviews, speeches, and news conferences, he’d often dreamt of something that would make it easier.

Surely there had to be a better way?

After attending Mozilla’s MozFest in London in 2013, Kofman came across a team of developers who were previewing experimental technology that glued recorded audio to manually transcribed text on screen in an interactive player.

This immediately caught Kofman’s eye and he wondered at the potential of using the technology to create automated-speech-to-text with a way to allow users to correct any machine-generated errors. He discussed this with the team and that started him off on a journey “to transform and disrupt the workflow of manual transcription.”

Trint was born.

The first automated transcription service to combine a text editor and an audio/video player into one tool, Trint can transcribe recorded content in 13 languages.

It offers a unique collection of features to make the process easier still, such as search of recorded content, easy speaker identification, instant timing, and different formats for export as a text document or subtitles.

So far, Trint has been used by over 100,000 people including those from top media organisations such as The New York Times and Vice News, creating over 500,000 transcripts.

For individuals, the cost of ridding yourself from manual transcripts ranges from £13.60 per hour of audio uploaded to £100  a month for 10 hours of audio uploaded (anything more costs £10 an hour).

While for businesses, you can purchase team accounts for two to 50 users, or enterprise accounts for bigger teams.

With a total of £3.8m raised since the business began, and a team of 25 staff, Trint is intent on transforming into an end-to-end publishing solution.

When will Kofman think the business has really succeeded? When Trint gets into the dictionary: “It will be when people say let’s Trint it or let’s check the Trint”.


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