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Founders: Ian Smith and Jack Davies
August 2016

With a background working as new car salesman, Jack Davies and Ian Smith would often witness scruffy, unkept, unprofessional, and rude delivery drivers dropping off cars for customers at their dealerships.

Whilst the feel of a car salesroom is typically slick, clean and professional, on the contrary Davies and Smith found the image presented by delivery drives to be anything but. They also discovered that this lacklustre approach was common for delivery drivers across the industry.

Having spotted a gap in the market, the duo set about to raise the bar for delivery drivers and began coming up with ideas for uniforms, a set of standards, and branding to improve customer loyalty and recognition.

These ideas would lay the foundations for VisionDrive, the disruptive, customer-focused, single-vehicle transportation specialist founded by Davies and Smith in August 2016.

The business, which is already becoming a trusted commodity, works on a partnership model and joins forces with its clients rather than just being a supplier.

Pendragon PLC, GEFCO UK, Pentagon Motor Group, Marshall Motor Group, JCT600, Lookers PLC, Northgate Vehicle Hire, Enterprise Rent a Car, and Thrifty Car are just some of its clients, encompassing smaller dealer groups to large blue-chip companies.

Having secured contracts across the UK and grown to a team of 24, Davies and Smith are ready to open operational hubs for VisionDrive nationwide in Coventry, Leeds, Doncaster, Hull, and Stoke on Trent.

To support this growth, it’s also in the process of hiring another 65 full-time employees and 30 additional single car transporters.

Within the next five years, Davies and Smith want VisionDrive to be the UK’s leading automotive logistics brand and to have become a household name for vehicle logistics across the world.

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