47. Wearable Technologies

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Founders: Mark Berstein
December 2013 (Launched August 2016)

Mark Bernstein is a veteran of the technology sector, with 20 years' experience building start-ups around the world, five IPOs under his belt and strategic partner investment from companies including IBM, Motorola, BT, Sky and Dixons.

His latest venture capitalises on a very much emerging area of technology – wearables.

The aptly-named Wearable Technologies reduces risk and increases industrial safety using Bluetooth-enabled environmental sensors.

Bernstein realised that several companies were using this technology in clothing and decided to introduce it to personal protective equipment (PPE). Its washable electronic networks are embedded into the existing jackets of a workforce with sensor devices that deliver real-time data to its online dashboard.

These smart devices can be used for automatic incident and event monitoring, environment monitoring (gas, noise, dust, vibration), physiological monitoring, and accident prevention. This data can then be stored for future reference.

Now in the process of piloting its service with customers in the oil and gas, and construction, transport and utilities sectors, the start-up hopes to have an additional five major industrial customers secured within the next 12 months.

As the business continues to ramp up its sales efforts and roll out its product road map,Berstein’s goal is to grow Wearable Technologies into the world’s best real-time connected worker platform that will be used across all industries to reduce risk and increase worker safety.

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