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Founders: Pete Dowds and Tom Brooks
October 2015 (Launched December 2015­)

Pete Dowds and Tom Brooks both had “terrible experiences” finding care homes for their grandparents and so the duo decided to adapt the business model they’d used for their successful cleaner booking app Mopp to build a better way.

Their answer was Elder Technologies.

On a mission to create a better alternative to the UK’s ailing care industry, instead of “only buiding a bridge” as other businesses have done, Elder Technologies is a platform which matches those in need of full-time care with live-in carers that possess the necessary experience and skills.

Elder charges a weekly fee of £795 per week with the option of a live-in care plan provided by lifetime mortgage specialists Key Retirement. This allows customers to release some money from their home to cover care costs.

Launched less than three years ago, the business is already looking after hundreds of customers across the UK. In fact it has grown so rapidly that Dowds and Brooks claims their soaring customer numbers are equivalent to the creation of a new care home every 15 days.

Elder has taken advantage of marketing channels to build its brand image, with its first television campaign resulting in a significant uplift. Last year saw the start-up achieve 500% growth and it has “no intention of slowing down now”, with plans to scale-up customer acquisition considerably over the next year.

Ultimately, Elder wants its customers to be able to live in their own homes, living their own lives, for as long as they possibly can – a commendable goal and one we’re sure everyone will support.

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