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Founders: Lilia Stoyanov and Desislav Kamenov
Founded: May 2015
Website: www.transformify.org

The proliferation of remote and flexible working has brought great advantages and new opportunities for workers the world over, but has created new problems for organisations…

Having held senior positions at the likes of online payments firm Skrill and Coca-Cola, Lilia Stoyanov had experienced first-hand the “pains” associated with managing relationships with freelancers, temporary workers, consultants, and experts.

This includes setting up the temporary worker in the system, collecting, updating and storing bank account details, processing and settling invoices., and monitoring project deadlines.

Stoyanov and her co-founder Desislav Kamenov founded the now two-time Startups 100-featured Transformify to ‘transform’ the hiring of these part-time workers into a business-to-business experience.

Focusing on small businesses looking to optimise their costs and accelerate the hiring process, as well as organisations interested in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and supplier diversity solutions, Transformify’s software is an easy way to manage projects and automate payments.

On the CSR side, the company has an admirable social mission: to provide access to jobs and secure payment to disadvantaged people worldwide. This could be people living with disability or autism, or those living in isolated areas, high unemployment areas or even war-torn countries.

By helping these people find work, Transformify is unlocking and empowering a huge section of the world’s talent that could otherwise have been wasted.

The platform derives revenue from two sources: software-as-a-service clients pay a subscription fee for every user, and a commission for transferring payments through Transformify CSR Recruitment.

Stoyanov’s unique approach saw her scoop the First Women Disruptor of the Year Award at the 13th First Women Awards in July 2017 – a annual awards ceremony that celebrates the achievements of “trailblazing” women.

The company now has 310 business clients across the US, the EU and Asia, and is expecting to hit $15m turnover for 2018 – truly astonishing growth for a start-up in its third year of trading!

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